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Here Are The Top 7 Warning Signs:
1. Shingles are Curling Up: If your shingles do not look flat and you can see corners curling up in numerous locations, this is a sign that your shingles have outlived their life expectancy and it’s time relieve them of their duty and install the next generation of protection. 
2. Light in the Attic: If there’s visible light in your attic from the rafters above, then this is no doubt a cause for alarm. If you can see light, water can definitely see the interior of your house. This needs immediate attention and you should call a professional roofer to inspect the damage and get an estimate to repair the damage. 
3. Sagging Roof: If you see a big dip on your roof this is a very serious matter. This means there’s structural damage to your rafters which can implode and cause serious damage or a life-threatening situation. 
4. Water Stains on the Ceiling: If you see deep yellow/blackish rings on your ceilings, this is a definite warning sign that you have a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This can also lead to mold spores floating in your house causing serious health problems. 
5. The Paint is Peeling: If the paint is peeling from the ceiling and walls, this is a trademark of water damage. As above this can cause serious problems with black mold spores. Consideration of drywall applications needs special care because mold will manifest with the compounds found in Gypsum. 
6. Severe Natural Weather Damage: Mother Nature cannot be predicted, and her wrath is sometimes violent with heavy rains, winds, and hail the size of baseballs. If you see ripped up corners on your asphalt shingles or damage from hail to a metal roof, call a roofing contractor to assess the damage. 
7. Neighbors Replacing Their Shingles: If you see that numerous people, especially in a subdivision, replacing their roofs, it might be a good time to take a hard look at yours because most houses in a subdivision are built within a few years of each other and if their roof is failing, this is a good warning sign that yours could be next. Always call a professional roofing contractor for the best results. 


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